Super Strips Chicken for Dogs & Cats


Want a treat that is great for their health, teeth, and coat and is made of 100% raw All-Canadian ingredients? The most nutritious jerky style treat made with the absolute best no-hormone organic muscle meat, organs and fresh veggies!

  • Jerky Style Treat Loved by Cats and Dogs
  • 80% Raw Chicken Plus Fresh Vegetables
  • Grain-Free, Dehydrated
  • Cool Air Dried for Maximum Nutrition
  • Contains Natural Enzymes
  • Great Training Incentive
  • Proudly Made in Canada

Approximately 8 strips per bag


  • Break off bite size pieces to feed to your pet
  • Remember to include treats in your pet’s overall daily caloric intake

Fresh raw chicken (muscle meat, liver, heart and ground bone) raised without antibiotics or growth hormones, carrots, squash, sweet potato, kale, broccoli, parsley, parsnips, spinach, extra virgin olive oil and kelp.

Carrots Carrots contain Beta carotene that is a powerful nutrient for health & sight. Beta carotene is an antioxidant, which protects against cell damage by soaking up free radicals.
Squash Pumpkin is a good source of Vitamin E, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Potassium. Pumpkin is also a very good source of dietary fiber which can help regulate the system eliminating constipation, diarrhea and reducing inflammation.
Sweet Potatoes Sweet potatoes contain the highest amino acid content of any of its cousins in the starch family. Sweet potatoes help rid the liver of fatty cells and keep vital organs healthy as well as aiding the digestive system.
Kale Kale provides your pet with maximum nutrition! It is a proven cancer-risk cutter, abundant source of fiber, calcium, Vitamin A, E & C, helps prevent heart disease & contains numerous antioxidants
Broccoli Broccoli is a super food for your pet, providing them with beneficial health qualities for their heart, bones & immunity. It contains cancer fighting, immune boosting properties and is packed with soluble fiber that draws cholesterol out of their body.
Parsley Parsley is one of the most popular herbs for its antioxidant benefits for your pet. It boosts their immune system by providing them with vitamin C, A & folic Acid. And it helps with the treatment of cancer and arthritis.
Parsnips Parsnips are excellent sources of nutrients for your pet’s heart health! It is full of soluble fiber to lower cholesterol & keep blood sugar stable. Parsnips also contain folic acid, calcium, vitamin C, B1, B2, and B3, iron, and zinc.
Spinach Spinach is a nutritional powerhouse rich in vitamin C, fiber and carotenoids. Spinach is loaded with calcium, folic acid, vitamin K and iron. Spinach is a secret weapon in the fight to prevent cataracts, as well as muscular degeneration.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil is brain food for your pet providing them with optimal health! Olive Oil contains oleic acid effective in preventing cancer, which kills a staggering 50 percent of dogs over age 10. It has high levels of antioxidants, including polyphenols, vitamin E, chlorophyll, and carotenoids which are very effective at arming the body’s immune system so it can efficiently fight off disease. Olive Oil improves circulation and breathing by increasing blood flow.
Kelp One of the most nutrient-rich plants on the Earth containing 70 vitamins & minerals! Free from colors and preservatives this key ingredient helps to clean teeth & freshen breath, regulates energy, and aids in digestion & immune system as well as skin, and bone systems.

Guaranteed Nutritional Analysis

Protein (%) 43.27
Calories (kcal/100g) 412
Fat (%) 7.52
Iron (mg/25g) 14.38
Calcium (mg/25g) 1075.2
Zinc (mg/25g) 8.3
Phosphorous (mg/25g) 80.03
Potassium (mg/25g) 2790.9
Magnesium (mg/25g) 0.5
Sodium (mg/25g) 490.2

LifeFORCE Chicken Super Strips for Dogs & Cats is Available in 80g Bag– Approx 8 strips


LifeFORCE Super Strips are the most nutritious jerky style treat made with the absolute best no-hormone muscle meat, organs and fresh veggies! It is cool air dried to preserve all the nutritional value and natural enzymes. These strips are easy to break into small bits for small dogs or cats and are a great as a training incentive.

Why Feed Raw, Dehydrated Treats

There’s no getting away from genetics. Like their ancestors, dogs and cats are born meat eaters. For thousands of years, wild dogs and cats thrived on what they could hunt and consume, and the bulk of their diet was made up of prey they hunted or scavenged . Look closely at a dog’s or cat’s anatomy and you’ll notice that they are built very differently from humans. Powerful teeth, short intestinal tracts, acidic gut flora – all are designed for raw meat consumption.

What are the Benefits of Raw Treats?

Raw feeders say they notice definite health benefits to their dogs and cats, including:

  • Increased energy
  • Better digestion
  • Glossier, softer coats
  • Healthier skin
  • Lower obesity
  • Less plaque and tarter on teeth
  • Less allergies
  • Smaller, less smelly stools

Are Vitamins & Minerals Added to LifeFORCE?

LifeFORCE uses only the freshest ingredients. Our beef is farm-raised without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones. We use the choicest cuts, along with organ meat to ensure our diets contain all the required amino acids e.g. taurine. The fresh vegetables in our foods are the same as you would find on your own table. We don’t need to supplement any vitamins and minerals because our treats are made from the freshest food sources. Even the parsley is fresh!

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