Rescue Network is your Rescue Resource for fundraising, education, services, and more! We offer a host of turnkey opportunities designed specifically for rescues and shelters. So you can get back to doing what’s important – helping animals in need!


How we help rescues and shelters:

Turnkey Fundraising

Rescue Network takes the work out of fundraising. We offer a variety of simple options designed to bring much needed revenue to your organization.
  • Join us and earn money from magazine subscriptions and product sales.
  • Earn proceeds from our Rescue Card offering local and national discounts on products and services. (Coming June 2018)
  • Participate in our Rescue Cookie Drive. (Coming November 2018)

Leading Edge Education

Education is the key to helping animals find – and stay in – their forever homes. Rescue Network gives you access to top resources.
  • Rescue Pet magazine – filled with health, nutrition, training and lifestyle tips, it’s the perfect tool to send home with new adoptive or foster parents.
  • Digital articles – you’ll have access to an extensive range of rescue, health, and lifestyle-related information.

Support Services

Rescue work requires constant planning and promotion. Rescue Network offers a number of tools designed specifically for rescues.
  • Order customized Event Kits full of freebies to help make your next event a howling success.
  • Choose from a variety of print, digital and social media templates. Perfect for volunteer pushes, foster searches, and more!
  • Facebook Group – Share ideas, give advice, get feedback.

Our Mission

To serve and support reputable rescue organizations, with the goal of building stronger rescues, and ultimately helping find forever families for homeless companion animals.

Our Values

RESPONSIBILITY– To help those who cannot help themselves. EDUCATION– To share quality pet-related information and ideas. SUPPORT– To offer rescues resources and assistance. COMPASSION– To demonstrate kindness and empathy.
UNITY– To support a community of like-minded individuals.
EXCELLENCE– To lead by example in the field of animal wellness.

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