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acupressure for puppy mill survivors

Acupressure-massage for puppy mill survivors

Combining veterinary care with acupressure-massage can help heal these dogs, both physically and emotionally. Pet shop puppies are adorable. Your heart melts and you have to go inside to see them. The sales clerk assures you the pups are pedigreed and from a reputable breeder. You want to believe her, but you’ve heard that pet shop…

stop your dog's destructive behavior

How to stop your dog’s destructive behaviors

Is your dog displaying one or more destructive behaviors? This Q&A with two top trainers offers solutions to combat digging, chewing, barking, jumping and licking! Do any of these destructive behaviors sound familiar? Most dogs have at least one behavior issue… this article will help you solve it! Q: I have a Westie; I know…

Pros of Positive training

Pros of positive training

Does your dog have behavior problems? Find out why a dominance approach doesn’t work, and why a positive training is so much better. You’ve heard the term “positive training”. But what exactly does it mean? Positive trainers are opposed to the dominance/submission approach still used by many trainers. They often work with fearful and reactive…