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flower essences for hypersensitive dogs

Flower essences for hypersensitive dogs

There are thousands of flower essences available and some can be used to naturally help fearful, anxious or hypersensitive dogs. “We have a 12-year-old pit bull and our veterinarian said you might be able to help,” Marcie anxiously told me. “Kelly gets really frightened sometimes, and goes berserk with panic. The other day, we came…

Pros of Positive training

Pros of positive training

Does your dog have behavior problems? Find out why a dominance approach doesn’t work, and why a positive training is so much better. You’ve heard the term “positive training”. But what exactly does it mean? Positive trainers are opposed to the dominance/submission approach still used by many trainers. They often work with fearful and reactive…

safe travels with your dog

Tips for traveling safely with your dog

If you’re traveling with your dog, help ensure his health and safety by being aware of some often overlooked hazards that could spell trouble. You’ve made all the necessary arrangements for traveling with your dog. You have a canine-friendly place to stay, you’ve packed his food, bedding, leash and veterinary records, and his ID info…