7 ways to help animals this holiday season

help animals this holiday season

Looking for a way to help animals in need this holiday season? Here’s eight. 

Sadly, millions of dogs and cats don’t have a family to call their own this Christmas. But there are plenty of ways you can help make them feel loved!

1. Adopt an animal

Many homeless animals will be euthanized before the New Year because there’s not enough space in shelters. Adopting a rescue animal can help relieve this burden!

2. Foster an animal

Adopting an animal is an important decision. If you’re not able to make a long-term commitment, consider something more temporary! Caring for an animal until he finds his forever home is an extremely rewarding experience – not to mention it’s another great way to free up space in shelters.

3. Volunteer

Animal shelters and rescues are always looking for extra hands – especially during the holidays. Play and cuddle the animals, help with feeding and walking or offer a unique skill like web design or carpentry! When it comes to volunteering, everyone has something to bring to the table.

4. Donate

Don’t have a lot of time this Christmas? Consider making a monetary contribution to your local shelter! Alternatively, donate a gift or scrounge up useful items from around your home that you no longer need. Rescue organizations are grateful to receive items like blankets, toys and unopened bags of food.

5. Share the love

Follow your local animal rescue organization on social media and engage with them! Sharing and liking their posts will boost traffic to their website, ultimately helping more animals get adopted!

6. Say thank you!

Some of us have no time or money to give – and that’s okay! Express your gratitude simply by saying thank you. Whether you send a holiday card or visit your local rescue group to thank them in person, the staff and volunteers will appreciate it!

7. Shop Kindly

If you haven’t wrapped up your holiday shopping yet, consider buying from companies that donate back to animal rescue! Why not give the gift of Animal Wellness Magazine? Choose a rescue or shelter at checkout to receive a portion of the proceeds!

8. Celebrate with your own furry friend

Last but not least, give your rescue animal a big hug! Then give yourself a hug for saving the life of an animal in need. By giving your pet a home, you freed up space in a shelter to make room for more homeless dogs and cats!

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