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help animals this holiday season

7 ways to help animals this holiday season

Looking for a way to help animals in need this holiday season? Here’s eight.  Sadly, millions of dogs and cats don’t have a family to call their own this Christmas. But there are plenty of ways you can help make them feel loved! 1. Adopt an animal Many homeless animals will be euthanized before the…

Social Networking for animals in need

Using social petworking to help animals in need

Every June, we celebrate Social Petworking Month in an attempt to like, send and share our way toward a brighter future for homeless animals. Here’s how you can help! You’ve heard of social networking… but what about social petworking? Simply put, this movement is a modern way to spread the word about animal welfare, and…

How Walking Helps Adoptions

Walking and exercise programs make shelter dogs more adoptable

Daily walks and exercise help more rescue and shelter dogs find forever homes by giving them physical and mental stimulation and teaching them valuable skills such as socialization and leash etiquette. Every pooch needs physical exercise, and shelter dogs are no exception. In fact, structured walking programs at shelters and rescues help make dogs more…